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August 15, 2020 1 min read

Hey Farmivores, today's video features footage and photos from Laubacher Farm in Somis, where we work with Paul Thurston.  Paul is a long-time mentor of Mike, and grows about 5 acres of organic produce on Laubacher Farm in Somis.  Paul's wife is part of the Laubacher Family, and her two brothers Hank Sr. and Don farm 1600 acres collectively on different parcels throughout the county.  It's fascinating to see the contrast between large and small scale organic growing, and Paul has an amazing scenario that allows him to break off a parcel for direct sales, and share equipment and infrastructure with his brothers in law.


In this 6 minute video we talk about Paul's direct sales operation, the Laubacher family and large/small organic comparison, and family farm succession.  Enjoy!


Audio Version:

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