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Mike and Max, Episode 9, Local Food Distribution Hurdles in Action!

Mike and Max, Episode 9, Local Food Distribution Hurdles in Action!

Local food distribution is in it's infancy, and any entrepreneurs in this space are pioneers by definition. We've seen companies bigger than ours (that doesn't take much!) try and fail in this space, precisely because there are so many variables, the product is heavy and highly perishable, and most importantly: the delivery infrastructure just isn't there -- you have to work from scratch.

All mainline produce distributors source product nationally, and even globally, and depend on economies of scale to survive. They tend not to deal with small local growers unless those growers are selling into some type of co-op. We founded Farmivore on the ambitious premise that we could shorten the supply chain, work more directly with local growers, keep more dollars in the community, and eventually even rival the efficiency of larger conventional systems.

We are proud to be innovating in this field, despite having to deal with logistical hurdles like we face today (9/22/20). Watch the video to hear Mike and I discussing in real time how we're handling a failure to get product in time for Farmivore deliveries when one of our key partners' lost his driver at the 11th hour!


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  • Max Becher
Comments 2
  • Max Becher
    Max Becher

    Thank you Carolyn! Community backup from folks like you will be the difference between seeing more regionalized distribution emerge over the next few decades or not!

  • Carolyn

    You guys are doing a super job under constantly changing conditions. I feel happy every time I get my organic veggies delivered to my front door, typically by the very person who planted, harvested and/or packed my veggies for delivery. Keep up the great work!

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