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Mike and Max, Introductions

Mike and Max, Introductions

Hi Folks, Max here.  Farmivore's online selling platform has so many advantages of convenience, low overhead cost, efficiency and more -- but one thing it lacks is personal connection.  I've always tried to keep Farmivore personal through friendly and direct customer service, and by personally composing weekly emails and signing them with my name.  I want to keep it that way, and keep us focused on just what Farmivore is, and why it's such a different way to buy your food.

Sometimes I worry that from the customer's perspective, all you see is the "mechanics" of Farmivore, rather than the "soul."  It's all too easy for me to get caught up in the mechanics of the operation.  After all, I bear the shared responsibility of ensuring that our process goes smoothly from the online order to delivery at your door, and the logistics of managing that can be consuming at times.  While I truly enjoy tackling logistical problems, it takes me away from what I love most: connecting with others who believe in what we are trying to do.

And what exactly are we trying to do?  As you'll hear in the video below, I first started selling vegetables online because I wanted to be a farmer.  In my early twenties, newly married with a young daughter, we had a passionate, longing dream to raise our family on a farm, with all the beautiful lessons and lifestyle opportunities farm life can bring.  That dream to farm is the most inner core of the energy that drives Farmivore.  Period.  And the most beautiful thingsabout it is this: by creating efficient channels of local food distribution, not only do we empower our OWN ability to farm, we begin bringing this once-normal lifestyle within the grasp of other aspiring farmers too.

Folks, I have tears in my eyes as I write this.  I'm not kidding!  If you could understand the intensity with which I desire to see the farm lifestyle made possible for enterprising young men and women, then you'd begin to understand why I am working to create this business.  It's not JUST about creating a convenient way for you to order the best local produce our region has to offer.  It IS about that, but honestly, that alone would not get me out of bed each morning ready to tackle this task of pioneering in local food distribution.  I am on a journey and a mission to raise my family on a farm, and bring dozens, if not hundreds (or thousands!!) of other farmers along with me.

When I met Mike Roberts at Farmers' Markets around 2016, we instantly formed a friendship around this common dream: make the farm life possible!  Grow food, grow healthy soil and GROW FARMERS!  We collaborated in various ways over the next couple years, and formally went into business together at the end of 2018, joining forces to empower our own farms, and bring sales (one of the hardest things for an entry-level farmer) to other kindred spirits.  At that point, I left our 4-year leased farm in Ojai to pursue a farm on the East Coast, while working closely with Mike on Farmivore through software.  Meanwhile, Mike got to work establishing the McGrath Family Farm collaborative of 5 farmers growing together in Camarillo.  We've been at it ever since, and we are excited as ever to bring you the ever-developing story of our farms and common enterprise once per week through this video series.  I hope you will catch some of the excitement Mike and I share for this project!

By aligning your eating habits with Farmivore, you close the farming loop and join in this great lifestyle yourself!  As Wendell Berry eloquently said, "Eating is an Agricultural Act."  So true!!  The food you eat determines our nation's landscape, and our cultural landscape.  Characteristically American virtues like hard work, perseverance, neighborliness, thrift, initiative and responsibility were cultivated for two centuries on family farms.  We've embarked on a dangerous social experiment of reducing that valuable lifestyle to less than 2% of our population.  Isn't it about time we start asking for something different?  I'm not even asking anymore, I'm just gonna keep doing this, whatever comes our way.  Folks, it all starts on your plate.  Enjoy the video, we'll be back next week for more!  Also check out our Instagram page to keep in the loop!  Until next time!



PS. If you can't watch 20 minutes of video, download the audio version and listen at home or in the car!


Farmers and Farmivore co-owners Mike Roberts and Max Becher make introductions, talk about Farmivore's beginnings, and compare Farmivore to Community Supported Agriculture, Farmers Markets, and more.  This is the introductory video in a series where Mike and Max simply chat about the Farmivore story, and their own adventures as beginning farmers and entrepreneurs.  




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  • Max Becher
Comments 5
  • Max Becher
    Max Becher

    Hi Leaf and Angie, thank you for the question about organic! Organic and Regenerative farming is the reason we farm, and we’ve devoted a page to discussing this in more detail here:

    All our local products come either from our own farm at McGrath Family Farmers (Certified Organic) or from farmers we know personally who do not use synthetic chemicals on their crops. Most of those other farms are also certified organic, and we also proudly buy from farmers we have come to know and trust who for various reasons have chosen not to pay for organic certification. It doesn’t make sense for some farms, especially some of the smallest ones we buy from. If they are growing without chemicals on their crops, and certification does not make sense for their farm, we are glad to be the community connector and “certifier” of their clean practices, and support their farms. Please read through the “Organic” page for a more detailed discussion, and some of the ways we strive to go beyond the minimum standards and work with farmers who are making a real difference in soil building and truly sustainable farming.

  • Laurie Walters
    Laurie Walters

    Hey – I love your blog and your videos. Thanks for all the info and for the positive energy. I always look forward to my veggie box because it feels so personal now! I wish you two Farmivore founders all the best, as well as your farmers. You’ve done something great here and I really like knowing my purchases help local farmers and their families continue to provide this vital service to us all, and to continue doing what they love. Farming looks real hard to me, and I’m grateful for all of you :)

  • LM

    Yes, same question as above comment. I am a long time supporter and initially it was my understanding that all products were organic. Is this still true? I am not seeing organic labels on some products like Peacock Farm nuts and the honey. Thank you.

  • Brandi Tiemeyer
    Brandi Tiemeyer

    Great intro video. I loved hearing about each of your start up stories and how farming came to be in your lives. I love ordering fresh amazing local fruit and veggies from Farmivore. And a shout out to my awesome cousin, Mike. Thank you for offering so many healthy delicious options to my front door!

  • Angie Owens
    Angie Owens

    I have been ordering from your site is there a way to inform us which of your produce is organic. I’d appreciate that information. Thank you.

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