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Kale Beet Salad with Turmeric Sauce 0

This recipe features an easy sauce made from only 3 ingredients: yogurt, garlic and turmeric powder.  While it can be used with many veggie combina...
  • Max Becher

Sauerkraut 0

If you live within our delivery zone and would like to purchase some of the key ingredients for several of the variations below, click here to pre-...
  • Max Becher

Carrot Salad with Dressings and 9 Variations 0

Carrot salad could not be simpler: Peel or scrub your carrots, and grate them on a medium-sized grater. Done. But this is where the fun begins, be...
  • Max Becher

Kale Chips 0

Essential Ingredients: Kale, any variety Salt Olive Oil Optional Ingredients: Dried Herbs or Seasoning Blend (Here's a good one) If you live within...
  • Max Becher

3 Easy Ways to Use Butternut Squash 0

Butternut Squash is an amazingly versatile vegetable to have on hand, and it will store for months.  It's basically a natural, field-grown, shelf s...
  • Max Becher

Leek Potato Soup 0

This simple Leek Potato Soup was featured in one of our Farm Boxes a few months ago.   If you live within our delivery zone and would like to purch...
  • Max Becher