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Carrot Salad with Dressings and 9 Variations

February 22, 2021 3 min read

Carrot salad could not be simpler: Peel or scrub your carrots, and grate them on a medium-sized grater. Done.

But this is where the fun begins, because then you get to choose how to dress and season the carrot salad, and what veggies or herbs to have along with it. Here are some ideas to get your creativity going!

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Dressing #1: Simple olive oil and lemon juice dressing. For a carrot salad of 3 to 4 medium sized carrots, drizzle about one tablespoon of high quality olive oil and the juice of one half lemon over your carrots. Add a pinch of salt, and toss the grated carrot until coated evenly. Taste, and add more oil, lemon juice or salt according to your preferences. This dressing is elegantly simple and delicious by itself, but Bragg Sprinkle Seasoning takes it to a new dimension! I highly recommend having one of these in your cupboard at all times, I almost never go a day without using it on something in my kitchen!

Dressing #2: Yogurt garlic dressing. Another remarkably simple dressing, this one is prepared by adding one small to medium clove of crushed garlic to one cup yogurt, with a pinch of salt stirred in thoroughly. Once stirred in, taste. If you want it spicier, add more garlic. If it's too spicy or salty, add a bit more yogurt. Toss this mixture with your carrots until evenly coated. Start with a little bit and add more if needed. Bragg Sprinkle Seasoning also goes very well with this yogurt dressing, giving it a beautiful appearance and delicious taste.

One thing I love about this yogurt dressing is that it makes the carrot salad more substantial by adding healthy probiotic protein and fat. If I am low on protein for a specific meal (like when I'm trying to use up a bit of leftover chicken but there's not much to go around), I pull out this dressing to make the meal more substantial while stretching my leftovers.

Here are a few tried and true ideas from my kitchen for carrot salad combinations.

1.  Beets are a medicinal detoxifier, and I like to serve them frequently. Because there is so much flavor coming from a nicely dressed carrot salad, steamed beets with no extra seasoning or salt pair very nicely with it.

2.  Another way to add some extra healthy fats to your carrot salad is slicing an avocado and putting it on top! Don't toss it in with the carrots because it will get too slimy and guacamole-like.  I just add them to the top after serving. 

3.  A few chopped walnuts are another excellent source of protein and fat.  I would use these with the oil/lemon dressing instead of the yogurt dressing.

4.  Fresh chopped herbs are delicious tossed in with carrot salad, regardless of whatever dressing you are using. Cilantro, parsley, dill and basil are all excellent choices and add amazingly different flavor profiles!  

5.  Grated apple pairs very nicely with carrots!  If you choose apple, I would dress the salad with lemon juice only -- no salt or olive oil, and I wouldn't try this one with the yogurt garlic dressing.  

6.  Add some finely sliced cabbage to carrot salad with the yogurt garlic dressing to make a basic coleslaw, without the mayo!

7.  Use your dressed carrot salad as a topping instead of a base! Drop a spoonful of it on top of a green salad for example, for color, texture and flavor.

8.  Grate a few radishes in with the carrot. The red and orange colors are beautiful together, and add a bit of spice to the milder carrots.

9. Kohlrabi is an uncommon vegetable in American cuisine, but carrot salad is a great way to use it. It can be peeled and grated raw, or steamed and had alongside carrot salad in the same way described for the beets above.

I can go on and on, but hopefully these ideas pique your creativity and show you just a few examples of how a simple carrot salad can range in application from a simple way to throw more raw veggie on the table, to a complex veggie side that would make any chef proud!

If you live within our delivery zone and would like to purchase some of the key ingredients for several of the variations below, click here to pre-load them in your shopping cart. (works only in browser, not in our mobile app)

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