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John Givens, Goleta

Carrots - Farmivore
Carrots - Farmivore
Carrots - Farmivore
Carrots - Farmivore
Carrots - Farmivore
Carrots - Farmivore

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One bunch or one pound of loose carrots, but most frequently these are bunched.  Size and exact variety may differ slightly from what is depicted in the photo.  While we occasionally get carrots from multiple farms, over 90% of our carrots come from the same farm every single week, John Givens Farm in Goleta.

John is a master grower, with one of the most impressive organic soil fertility programs we've ever seen on our partnering farms. This is one of the main factors for why these carrots taste so much better than conventional alternatives. He’s made carrots one of his primary crops, and he usually has them available 52 weeks each year because of his carefully executed planting schedule!

John and his crew, who grow on a combined total of 200 acres over seven different plots, apply compost to the soil in between every single planting. Not once a year - before every single planting!  Since carrots are a root crop, they are bathing in that rich organic material for their entire lifespan from seed to harvest!  

View photos and video from the farm, including a tour of the compost facility!


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