Happy Thanksgiving!! You are welcome to place an order today, but our crew and other farm crews are taking the day off to celebrate and be grateful. Selection in the store is currently low, but will be updated and restocked on Saturday morning. Make sure you are on our email list at the bottom of the page so you can get notified when we restock the store!

Special January Offer

May we bring you a free subscription box?  Please?  :)

For the month of January, new customers can try either of our "Farmivore Custom Boxes" for free.  Basically, we think we've created the most customer-friendly, customizable, easy way to have fresh, organic food from local farms brought straight to your door.  Will you try it and let us know if we are right?

The Farmivore Custom Box is our signature subscription product. The box has the following features:

* 12 items in every box
* YOU choose from our available pool of weekly products to determine which 12 go into your box for the week.
* If you forget to log in and make your selection, you will receive a similar selection to the one you made last. 
* Choose any combination adding up to 12 products
* 100% flexible schedule (choose initial default of delivery every 1 or 2 weeks)
* Skip any week you choose within 2 days before delivery
* Cancel anytime permanently for no charge with just a couple clicks

The Farmivore Custom Box puts you in the driver's seat. It is truly the best of all worlds for local food subscriptions. It's got the regularity and convenience of a traditional CSA box, with a more flexible schedule and your choice of items.

Use coupon code Farm2020 at checkout to receive your free subscription box.  If you don't want to continue, we'll cancel it for you.  $5 delivery fee applies, new customers only, and discount applies only to your first week.

Subscriptions not your thing?  No problem.  Head on over to the online farmers market and place a custom one-time order from the produce available!  Take $20 on us with code Free20!