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What is Farmivore?

Farmivore is based at McGrath Family Farm in Camarillo, and offers their organic produce on this website, along with produce from other farms throughout our local region. We have made it as easy and flexible as possible for you to buy food directly from local farms.

*Order from home
*Choose exactly what goes in your box
*No minimum order
*No subscription required
*Flat rate delivery or free pickup
*100% money back if items arrive damaged.
*Farmer founded, owned and operated
*Awesome, friendly customer service
*Located on a historic local organic farm

We've eliminated all the barriers that usually keep people from buying buying directly from the farm.  We've made this easy, so you can make local food part of your life, and then get back to your life!

We're not a big company.  We're a motivated group of farmers who believe the community can shop for food primarily within a local "foodshed."  We love what we do, we're innovating, and we need your support to grow the local food movement!

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