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How to Add to Your Order After it is Completed

One of the most common questions we receive is: can I add to the order I already placed.  The short answer is yes.  Anyone can add to their order by placing a 2nd order within the same delivery time frame.  This page explains the process, deadlines, and how to avoid the 2nd delivery fee.

Basically, if you place 2 separate orders within the same delivery time-frame (Mon-Wed or Thur-Sun), those orders are merged together and will be delivered together.  Both orders need to be placed before the same delivery deadline to be merged.

Example: orders placed between Thu-Sun get delivered the following Tue / Wed. If you place an order on Friday, and then realize on Sunday that you need extra items, you may place a 2nd order on Sunday, and the two will be delivered together. If however, you wait until after midnight on Sunday, you have crossed into a new delivery time frame, and the 2nd order will be bumped to the next delivery day, and the two will not be combined. The reason for this strict cutoff time is to keep our order processing clean and accurate when we export data to order from farms and fulfill orders.

Of course the next question is: how can I avoid paying the delivery fee twice if the orders are delivered together? 

You can waive the 2nd fee, but only by placing your 2nd order through the website -- we do not have this capability through the Farmivore Mobile App.  The following instructions apply to a 2nd order placed through the website.  (The first order can be placed through the app -- only the 2nd one needs to go through the website.)

To waive the 2nd fee, you need to
a) have an account set up with a password and
b) be logged in to that account BEFORE entering checkout

So, the simplest way to ensure this is to BEGIN your 2nd shopping session by logging in.  Click on the small icon of a person at the top right, and click the "Login" button. (see below)

After clicking "Login," enter your email address (this must be the same email address used for your 1st order), and your password, and click "Sign in." (see below)

To double check that you are logged in, click again on the "person" icon at the top right, and you will now see the following drop-down menu that includes a welcome and your first name.  If you see this, you are good to go, and your 2nd order placed after logging in will waive the delivery fee.

If you get the error message below (see picture), and you are sure that you typed your email address correctly, this simply means that you have not yet created an account.  You may have already placed 20 orders, and been a customer for 5 months, but that doesn't automatically create an account.  The next step shows how simple it is to create one, and once you do, you will have access to all past orders placed with the same email address.

If you do need to create an account, it couldn't be easier.  From the error page pictured above, click on "Sign up."  (even if you are not a new customer!)  You will be taken to the short form pictured below.  Simply fill out your name, email address (same one you have used for past orders!), and choose a password.

That's it!  You are now logged in and can place your 2nd order to be merged with your first, with an automatic discount applied to waive the 2nd delivery fee!

If you need to REMOVE items from your order that you no longer want (or cancel altogether), the only way to do this is to email or send a chat message.  One of our team members will have to refund the items you want to remove.  We can only do this if we see your message before the ordering deadline, and we don't stay up until midnight, so if you email on Sunday or Wednesday night, we are not likely to see it in time to process the refund.

We hope this page has been helpful!  If you still have questions, please hop on the chat window and we'll be with you as soon as we can!