Farmivore Community Builder

Here at Farmivore, we are passionate about what we do. Founded, owned and operated primarily by farmers, our mission is to build community connections between eaters and farmers for a resilient, joyful local food producing community. If you love your deliveries, please consider joining us in this great work of community building around local food!

We love growing organically, whether that means your food in the field, or growing the Farmivore community.  We'd rather keep our advertising dollars in the community and spread grassroots style via word of mouth, than pay Facebook and other multi-national companies to run ads online for us.  We offer you a commission for every customer referred to Farmivore via word of mouth or social media.

If you know a few friends who also want local food delivered to their home or office, why not make it official, join the team, and let us thank you for partnering with us to support more local farmers?  Simply by sharing a unique coupon code we generate for you, your friends will receive a discount, and you will too.  Click here to learn more.

If you are already part of the program, click here to login to your dashboard, or login from the account symbol at top right of the page.