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We guarantee you have never seen a more more flexible farm subscription than ours.  Check out the awesome benefits and savings of being a farm box subscriber.

Save Money: 5% to 50%+ discount on our top items compared to our regular farm store

Retain Control: you still choose your exact items and delivery schedule

Flexible: You can modify your items weekly, start from scratch OR choose a curated farm box with add-ons

Save Time: Don't go through checkout for every order, just review and modify your items, click save, and you're done

Fits Your Schedule: Receive deliveries every 1 to 4 weeks, and change anytime.  Skip any week, for no fee.

No Risk: Cancel anytime, for no fee

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How it Works

On your initial  order, choose any items from our normal inventory (click "Build My Initial Box" above to access the subscriber discounts).  Choose whether you want a delivery every 1 to 4 weeks.  We'll send your first box on our next delivery date.

The day before your second order is charged, we'll email you to review your previous selection, and make any changes you want.

That's right.  You can delete everything from your last order, and get totally new items.  100% control!  No minimum, no maximum.  No need to go through the online checkout process for every order.

If you choose new items before the deadline, that's what you'll get.  If you're still happy with the last box's selection, just sit back, and the delivery will come to you on schedule without you doing anything.

Want to skip that week?  No problem, one click, no fee for skipping weeks.

Want to pause for the summer and resume in the fall?  No problem.  

Tried it and want to cancel?  No problem.  No cancellation fee. 

Demo: Create Your Initial Subscription

To expand the video on mobile, click on the "YouTube" logo at the bottom right of the video.

Demo: Farm Box Dashboard

To expand the video on mobile, click on the "YouTube" logo at the bottom right of the video.