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Farmivore Box Return Instructions

By placing your clean, empty cardboard box out for pickup at your next delivery, you can join our effort to massively reduce food packaging waste -- one of the best things about being a FarmivorePlease follow the instructions below.

1.  When you receive your delivery, remove the products and the plastic liner.
2.  Remove the label, or black out your name and address with a black marker.
3.  Carefully undo the cardboard flaps on the bottom of your box, and lay it flat.
4.  Place it out on your porch when you place your next order.  Our driver will pick it up when he / she delivers your new box.
5.  Please no NOT return the plastic liner.  We recommend reusing it yourself as a trash bag for dry items, since the bag is perforated.  Please also do not return empty bags, baskets or clamshells.  We cannot reuse them and will be forced to throw them away.

We are holding all boxes for a minimum of 72 hours before reusing, to avoid transmission of the coronavirus.  According to the CDC, the virus is primarily transmitted between persons via respiratory systems, rather than through surface contact.  Your food will continue to be packaged in a clean plastic liner.

See the video below for a demonstration on breaking down the boxes.