Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing to keep food clean in light of COVID-19?

The crew packing your orders is a terrific group of young, motivated farmers from the McGrath Family Farm Center in Camarillo. These folks are passionate about local food, and experienced at handling food for McGrath Farm at some of Southern California's largest Farmers' Markets on a weekly basis. We are following the same strict CDC guidelines that farmers are required to follow at these farmers markets, and our crew is staying up to date with the requirements on a weekly basis.

Our system of home delivery already eliminates the single biggest risk during COVID 19: contact with other customers in retail spaces, and other customers handling your food! Your produce from Farmivore has likely only been handled by two people before it comes to you: the farmer or farm worker who picked it, and a member of our crew. Our crew is under close scrutiny at the Farmers' Markets they attend for McGrath Farm, and are adopting the same safety and sanitation guidelines in place at those markets. Specifically, that includes washing of hands with soap and water before handling food, excluding workers with symptoms of illness, requiring masks for packing boxes, using plastic gloves to handle food, sanitizing our surfaces before packing, and packing directly into a clean plastic liner.

As we resume our collection of old boxes for re-use, we are holding boxes for a minimum of 72 hours to avoid transmission of the virus. According to the CDC, the virus is primarily transmitted between persons via respiratory systems, rather than through surface contact.

Describe your service.

In a nutshell, Farmivore takes care of all the work involved in getting fresh local produce from local farms into your home. We partner with local farms, find out what they have available, and list it on our easy to use online storefront. Once you place an order, it goes into our order queue which we pack and deliver twice per week. We aggregate the totals, place one big order with our farm partners, pack individual orders and send them out for delivery!

How do I place an order?

Same way you would on Amazon or any other online store -- it's that easy! Just click on "Online Market" from the menu above, add items to your cart, and checkout.

Can I edit my order after completing checkout?

Not directly, but you can add items to your order by placing a 2nd order within the same delivery time frame. This page here describes the process in detail, and also how to avoid paying the delivery fee twice. If you want to remove items, you will need to contact customer service well before the order deadline so we can process the refund in time for the delivery deadline.

What days do you deliver?

We offer home delivery up to 2x per week in two different periods: Tuesday / Wednesday and Friday / Saturday.

What are the delivery date cutoffs?

If you place your order between Monday and Wednesday (before midnight) your order will be delivered the upcoming Friday OR Saturday by the end of the day. You will be notified of your delivery day and time on Thursday when we prepare our routes.

If you place your order between Thursday and Sunday (before midnight) your order will be delivered the upcoming Tuesday OR Wednesday. You will be notified of your delivery day and time on Monday when we prepare our routes.

Please note, it's easy to think that an order placed on Monday will be delivered the next day on Tue/Wed. This is not the case though, since we need 2 days notice to order from the farms and get your order ready. Although it's a bit counter-intuitive, orders placed on Monday are delivered the following Fri/Sat. In similar fashion, orders placed on Thursday will not be delivered the next day on Friday, but get added to the queue for Tue/Wed.

How much does delivery cost?

$5 Flat rate within most communities in Ventura County. Delivery is the same price whether you order 1 item or 50 items. That's what we've determined it costs to get it from us to you. Try to get Fedex to deliver a 20 lb box of fresh produce for $5? Yeah right! :)

For deliveries to Calabasas or Agoura Hills, we require a $50 minimum order in addition to the $5 delivery fee. Orders to Agoura and Calabasas under $50 can be delivered for a $10 delivery fee.

Any other hidden fees?

Nope. You have the option to offer a tip at checkout for your driver and box packer, but this is completely optional, and is unchecked by default to ensure you do not give a tip accidentally.

Do I have to pay a membership fee to order, or subscribe to a recurring box?

No. We do offer subscriptions, but they are not required to place an order.

What farms do you partner with to provide products?

Quite a few, and we've created profiles for some of the main ones here!

Is your produce organic?

We answer that question in detail on this page.

What do you deliver the produce in?

Your order will come in one or more cardboard boxes, with a clean plastic liner. We have customarily re-collected our boxes for reuse, but we are temporarily suspending this due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

How do you accept payment?

We accept any major credit card online at the time you placed your order. We do not accept cash or check on delivery, all payments must be made up front when the order is placed. Any discrepancies between your order and the box delivered will be refunded.

What happens if an item is damaged or missing from my box?

We occasionally do encounter missing items since most of our produce is sold not out of a warehouse cooler, but is still growing in the field when you check out! In this case, we've usually caught it and already sent a refund and notification before you receive your box. In the case that we do miss something, or an item arrives damaged, all you have to do is email or send a chat message and we will refund the item without a hassle. We realize you are trusting us to pick out the very best produce for you, so if we mess up, it's certainly on us to make it right! We will stand behind the quality of our products.

Do you send a reminder email for me to order?

Yes. If you have a box subscription, we email you one day before the next subscription order is placed, so you have the option to cancel or edit that delivery if you need to. We also send periodic reminders to customers as we approach an order deadline so they don't miss the cutoff.

May I place my empty box out for pickup at my next delivery?

Yes! We encourage you to do so. This helps us reduce our packaging waste. See this page for more details and a video demonstration on breaking down your box without damaging it.

How do I correct my info or card number on Shop Pay for the express checkout?

To make changes to your address, email or credit card for Shop Pay express checkout, simply follow this link to opt out of Shop Pay. Then, the next time you checkout, enter your updated information, and select "Save my information for a faster checkout" before checking out.