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Meet Mike and Max

The Farmers Behind Farmivore

Farmer Founded, Owned and Operated

Despite the catchy name, Farmivore is really just the effort of two determined farmers, with big dreams and a relentless desire to start farms for themselves.  Mike Roberts and Max Becher grew up in Oxnard and Santa Paula and both came to farming without a childhood background in agriculture, or owning any land.  When they met at Farmer's Markets in 2015, Max had been selling produce online for the last two years, and making deliveries personally with his pickup truck.  Max was selling products from a few local farms, and from his brand new farm in Ojai, on leased land.  Mike was working for Phil McGrath in Camarillo, and just starting his own micro farm (25 x 25 ft) in his backyard. 

In 2019, Max's farming goals led him across the country to rural Maine, and the two farmers officially joined forces, continuing the online farmstand Max had begun.  They now work from different coasts, Max running the online platform, and Mike managing the ground-level logistics.

Mike Roberts

Baby Root Farm

Mike farms 21 acres in Camarillo under the name "Baby Root Farm," one of 5 farms in the McGrath Family Farmers collaborative.  Mike began working for Phil McGrath in 2010, and started Baby Root Farm in his backyard in 2016.  He took over 1 acre of the McGrath Farm in 2017, and added 20 more acres in 2020!  Mike is passionate about growing new farmers, and was a leading player in forming the McGrath Family Farmers collaborative alongside Phil McGrath.  He grows a variety of vegetables, which he sells through Farmers' Markets, and of course -- through Farmivore!

Max Becher

First Steps Farm

Max began Farmivore out of his truck in 2013, first calling it "Ojai Valley Farmstand."  Together with his wife Deirdre, he leased and farmed 1 acre of mixed vegetables and micro greens in Ojai in 2014.  He expanded to a 2nd plot in Upper Ojai and took on 5 acres of organic olives and pastured chickens.  In 2019, they moved their little family to rural Maine to pursue farming on the East Coast.  Max currently devotes the majority of his time to Farmivore, improving it's online presence and playing an active role in day-to-day management.  Deirdre helps with social media and customer service, while the couple works toward establishing a permanent farm and a 2nd Farmivore in Maine!

Hear from Mike and Max on the Blog

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Mike and Max, Episode 11, Carranza Family Farm

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Mike and Max, Episode 10, Paul Thurston

Mike and Max, Episode 10, Paul Thurston

In Episode 6, Mike and I discussed our visit to Paul Thurston's 5-acre farm which he leases from his brothers in law Hank and Don Laubacher.  Here we share the on-site interview with Paul himself.  Paul discusses the benefits of working together with his in-laws on the same property, and...

Mike and Max, Episode 9, Local Food Distribution Hurdles in Action!

Mike and Max, Episode 9, Local Food Distribution Hurdles in Action!

Local food distribution is in it's infancy, and any entrepreneurs in this space are pioneers by definition. We've seen companies bigger than ours (that doesn't take much!) try and fail in this space, precisely because there are so many variables, the product is heavy and highly perishable, and most importantly:...