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Based on 17 reviews
So fresh!

Delicious, local, fresh produce! We had tried another farm box service that just didn’t work out and were hesitant to try another, but Farmivore exceeds our expectations! Delivery was on time, the produce was more than I expected, and everything was so fresh and delicious! I love supporting local farmers and feeding my family healthy at the same time,

Farmivore produce is very fresh and full of flavor!

I am very impressed by all the produce that has been delivered by Farmivore, having placed two orders so far. The ordering is easy and the delivery goes smoothly. The produce also stays fresher longer. I am a loyal customer now and tell friends and family how wonderful you and your produce are!


Received the Farm Box and thoroughly enjoyed all the items selected....fresh veggies, fruit, herbs, salad greens...all were great. In addition to the great produce, supporting local agriculture is important.

Delicious Fresh Produce

We luv Farmivoir the produce is so fresh and clean..we make salads ,soups and veggie meals. Produce is Delivered on time and they let u know when your produce is coming and once its delivered..and 2 times a week. Definitely have recommended to all my family and friends..

Wonderful, local fresh produce!

We have been enjoying Farmivore for years. I almost never by produce at the grocery store as it never seems to compare in quality. Definitely order the Lacinato kale (so tender and fresh) and the onions (mild and firm) both
are excellent. Our other favorites are the cauliflower and broccoli. Thank you Max and everyone at the Farmivore Team for helping us to eat local and healthy.

Thumbs up from first-time user

I have only good things to say about the quality of both the produce and the friendly responsive service. I did receive at least four large bunches of broccoli when I was expecting just one. Luckily, broccoli stays fresh a long time...and I can always share. Thank you for providing this service.

Beautiful first box

So happy when I got my first box, exactly what I ordered. I loved the fact that I got to pick my own veggies and decide what I needed rather than having to figure out what to do with the veggies that I am stuck with. I picked up flowers too, that are still brightening my home today 5 days later.

Incredible Quality, Taste, and Convenience

I am delighted with my first order from Farmivore. Our fridge was completely empty, so I chose a farm box and added one of nearly every vegetable available. I am so impressed by the variety, taste and quality of the produce, and the website was surprisingly easy and intuitive to use. My family acted like it was Christmas Day when I unboxed all of the produce; I have never seen them so excited by a grocery delivery! I look forward to continuing to use this service throughout the year so I can enjoy the changing seasonal produce. Thank you Max, Mike, and the Farmivore team for making fresh, local produce more accessible to your community!

Worth Every Penny

In one word: amazing!! Exceptionally great produce that stays fresh for weeks. Prompt, friendly customer service. Farmivore is agriculture operating as it should. Local farms supported by local communities distributed by local people involved in the whole process.

Leek Potato Soup

Our Tuesday delivery included the main ingredients for Leek Potato Soup. We made the recipe (included with our order) and enjoyed the yummy soup for three days.
Recipes are a great addition to the order.

So much better than Trader Joes!!

We received our first box the other day. The quality of the produce was amazing!! For ease, we've been picking up our produce at Trader Joe's for the past couple of years and sadly because of this I forgot how brightly colored farm fresh produce is. We were so surprised and delighted when we got our box last week. We love the idea of buying locally and will definitely be getting more and telling our friends! Thank you!

fresh and delicious produce direct from the field

Living close to Camarillo, I have always known about the great produce that comes from these local fields, but now I can have it delivered direct to my door! saves me time at the market to replenish these healthy foods and keeps me and my family eating more of a plant based diet. Farmivore's produce is good quality, good variety and good selection. Plus, I get to try new vegetables I would overlook in the market.

Delighted with Farmivore!

Delighted to have found Farmivore, friendly farmers with excellent quality produce fresh from the local fields. I like that I can change the contents of my box every week while eating with the seasons as nature intended. I feel good about contributing my little bit to support our local farms and help shortening the food chain between farm and customer.
Margaretha, Port Hueneme

Fresh and Yummy First Box

Delivery arrived as promised; broccolini delicious as are the carrots; romaine fresh and radishes amazing; the garlic beautiful to look at and so fresh; strawberries delicious. We appreciate the information and suggestions on how to prepare the broccolini. We prepared it as suggested and it was great. So fun to have vegetables and fruit fresh from the fields; it all tastes amazing.

Thank you Sally! We are so delighted to share the beautiful farm bounty with you, and bring it straight to you door. Please reach out any time with questions or concerns, we are here for you.