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How it works

Subscribe and Save FAQ

Farmivore subscriptions are like a VIP shopping experience.  This is how it works:

-You sign up by purchasing a mock "Start my Subscription" product for less than $1.  The amount will be refunded to you after your first delivery.

-This lets us confirm your credit card, which we hold securely on file.

-Once signed up, you choose a schedule for deliveries (e.g. weekly, every two weeks, monthly, etc). 

-You fill your box with the list of items you want at your next delivery.

-On your next scheduled order date, we charge your card for the items you have chosen, and send the order to you.

-You can change the items for every single delivery, or leave them the same.  Whatever items are in your box when the charge is scheduled, are the items billed and sent to you.

-You can skip any order, or change your schedule anytime unless the order has already been charged.

Click here to read our full subscription description and policy.

To begin your subscription, click here.

That link will take you to a checkout page to purchase a digital "Start my Subscription" product for less than $1. The charge will be used to verifiy your credit card, and refunded to you after your first order.

Once you have completed checkout, follow the instructions on the screen to complete sign up.


Joe signs up for a subscription and chooses weekly deliveries on Fridays.  He puts carrots and apples in his box through the Dashboard.  On Wednesday, we send him an email letting him know that his order will be charged the next day.  He still wants apples and carrots, so he doesn't make any changes.  On Thursday, we charge his card for the apples and carrots, and prepare his order.  It's delivered on Friday.

Next week on Wednesday, he gets the reminder email again.  This time, Joe doesn't want carrots, but he needs lettuce and coffee.  He logs in to his dashboard, deletes the carrots, leaves the apples in the box, and adds lettuce and coffee.  That's the order we bill the next day, and deliver to him on Friday.

Once his order is delivered, Joe remembers that he'll be out of town the next weekend, so he skips his next delivery, and his next order date is automatically adjusted.

After returning home, Joe realizes that he wants a bigger delivery but every two weeks instead of weekly.  He also wants to get deliveries on Saturday instead of Friday.  He logs in to the dashboard, adds 12 items to his box, changes the delivery day to Saturday, and changes from the weekly schedule to the "every two weeks" schedule.

One week later, Joe realizes he needs more food, and doesn't want to wait for his next order date.  He logs on to the dashboard, chooses his items, and clicks "order now."  Since he does this before noon on Tuesday, his order is delivered the very next day on Wednesday, and his next order date is adjusted according to his schedule.

Our subscription farm box is unique because the price changes according to the items you have in your box each week. You are charged for the total of all items in your box, and its completely up to you how many items you add.

Every item that you purchase as part of your subscription receives a 5% discount compared to our regular prices.

Yes, ordering through a subscription farm box gets you 5% off every item comapred to our regular prices! We also run sales exclusive for subscribers, so your savings will be greater than 5%.


We charge a small (less than $1) deposit to verify your card a signup, but this is refunded to you.

We charge no fee for cancellation at any time.

Yes, whatever you want (from what we have in stock at the time), and in whatever quantities you want.

Any order that you may have placed in our regular store can simply be placed each week through your subscription farm box by changing the items in your dashboard.

Absolutely, you can subscribe to either our Small or Large"Farm Choice Box" through your subscription and you will get a 5% discount compared to getting the box through the regular store.

In addition, you can add on other items to get alongside your farm choice box.

Farm Choice boxes are OPTIONAL and are not required in order to have a subscription.