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Quarter Cow

Read Carefully: 

This is a custom product offered by a go-getter young lady on the Farmivore crew who is emerging as a burgeoning local rancher.  Due to regulatory bottlenecks, she is required to sell Live Animals Only, instead of packaged meat.  The product sold on this page is 1/4 of a cow, although Emily (the rancher) will connect you with the local butcher who will process, package and freeze your meat cuts for an additional charge.  See below for details.

Product: One quarter of a cow, locally, humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free.  These cows have been ranch raised, grass fed and grass finished, never sent to a feedlot or raised on concrete.  

Each quarter cow provides an estimated 120-130 lbs. of mouth watering meat.  Final weight will be determined only after slaughter and processing.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase your quarter cow through Farmivore.
  2. Emily contacts you and puts you in touch with a local butcher.
  3. The butcher talks with you on the phone to discuss your preferences for cuts.
  4. The butcher charges you $1.10 per LB "on the hoof" (weight of the animal before slaughter), which will add an additional estimated $375-$400 dollars.  This must be paid directly to the butcher, not to Farmivore.
  5. Once the beef is cut, packaged and frozen, Emily will arrange a courtesy free delivery of your packaged, frozen meat from the butcher.  Meat will be approximately 30% steaks, 70% roasts, ribs, stew meat and hamburger.
  6. Total cost to you is $1100 to Farmivore + estimated $400 to the butcher = estimated $1500 total cost.

Your cost ends up being somewhere between $11.50 and $12.50 per LB of finished meat, once the butcher processes your cow, depending on the final weight of the animal at slaughter.  

FAQ answered by Emily:

Is it organic?

The short answer to this question is, “not organic – yet”. The process of certifying a ranch is a lengthy one and although we would like to eventually be able to advertise as organic, we’re not there yet! That being said, these cows are pastured raised naturally on hundreds of acres of unsprayed pasture land. I welcome any additional questions about how my cows are raised and fed!  Thank you for working with me as I start my ranch and work to get you the best locally raised natural meat possible.


By purchasing this product, you are confirming that you agree to the following:

  1. The product purchased is a share in a live animal, not pre-packaged meat.  
  2. In order to get your share of the animal processed and packaged by a local custom butcher, you will need to speak with the butcher yourself, and pay him directly.  
  3. All fees paid to the butcher are in addition to the cost of $1100 paid to Farmivore for the live animal share.
  4. All weights and butcher fees mentioned above are estimates only, and will be confirmed only once the animal is slaughtered.

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