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Squash, Butternut, Single

Butternut Squash is an amazingly versatile vegetable to have on hand, and it will store for months. It's basically a natural, field-grown, shelf stable package of vitamins and minerals, particularly high in Beta Carotene, which the body converts to Vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient, and adequate consumption of Beta Carotene may preserve cognitive function and lung health as you age. It's what gives butternut squash its orange color.

In my family, we grow about 100 lbs of butternut in our home garden for ourselves, and keep them for 3-6 months after harvest on hand in our kitchen for when we need a quick roasted or mashed veggie for dinner. I consider Butternut Squash a 100% natural "instant meal" and I make sure always to have them on hand. Don't be shy to order 2-3 at a time, they will keep for months on your counter!

Recipes which feature Butternut Squash:

3 Easy Ways to Use Butternut Squash

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